sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

The possibility of all or the #15O

Manuel García Estrada

The possibility of all.

I never thought about the possibility of all, I think quite the opposite, in power at all.

When I read and see in the media all the garbage they give us just decided to turn off the TV, stop listening to the speaker and get me a good book. Obviously that's not enough to be smart because the knowledge of books is to provide wisdom andthere are those who are wise but are unable to solve problems in their daily livesand also have a small and weak soul that folds to the interests of the powerful.

But knowledge is shared and applied tends to stall the companies because it is, as the economy, something that needs to be alive to produce good things.

Today, when I see many people in many nations wake up and take to the streets I realize that there is a huge need to believe in all that is the power of the people, the power of peace, the power of intelligence and reasons. I know that in this way will be those who call us crazy, romantic, dreamy, naive but I'd rather be a fool, a romantic, a dreamer and a rotten old naive mind that is placed at the foot of the mighty to obey in silence, I prefer to be a dreamer than a mediocre. 

These are times to regain power as a people, are times that we must promote substantial advances in culture, education, world view, the construction of the new society.
 Perhaps men and women of the world have always placed in the role of change agents are not enough to transform humanity 100% but what is done with their dreams and impulses are those who have succeeded in making human rights begin travel the world, are those that have been placed on the global agenda of environmental issues, combating poverty, the need for public education, secular and free for all, free access to technology and fair trade. 

The good thing that humanity has now thanks to the dreamers, fools, the visionaries, who have challenged the provisions that have been bold in their actions and thoughts.
 That good that we have given is not something that is easily achieved but it is just how easy it from evil in power when a decision is based on lies invade countries, kills people, steals the wealth of nations . We are tired of all this abuse and we must follow in the streets, in the Net, in schools and places demanding something that concerns us all: freedom, democracy, justice, peace, equity, technology and above all demand that our dreams come true.
For many years I was a university teacher and now when people begin to gray my head and physical tiredness makes me not spend hours or days at the world's protests that I can write or collaborate with what I can to tell all men and women who want to change this is possible, which apparently is not much but the reality is we can improve the world and that in both economic and religious power has been devoted to telling us that we can do nothing to improve our old humanity becausethey see so old, but I think that we can not keep walking on this road we travel all carrying the past, the past no longer exists, so I think we need to cool the planet with new dreams, new ideas, new steps toward our noblest aspirations and laudable.

Today I find that many of my students stay in the search for the highest values ​​of humanity struggling day to day, I know many who have received have been living under repression and oppression but when faced with a test where you have to choose the way of right to have done so despite losing their jobs or bring them crazy, or foolish romantic. I am deeply proud of those who have remained in the well and give the fight because it is with them that we have to make this world a better place to live.

This Site requires everyone to be happy, it needs young people of all ages so that we can give us all a thousand smiles every day while our creativity explodes colors filling the cosmos. It's possible. They did the hippies and students in the 60, the revolutionaries of sex in the 70. We lost valuable years under the oppression of savage capitalism, but we now have the opportunity to retake the path to move to an era of true peace in the world where there is a police state but a state of well being.

I think we all have 99% chance to make this not a time of change but a change oftime, it's time to believe in ourselves and endorse that it is better to believe in the possibility of all.

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